Wild & Wet in Mexico

Two people on the shore of the Pacific Ocean

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Mexico wild & wet! No this is not a story about parties, and bikini contests. This is an introduction to a heartwarming rescue.

The youtube video is about 8 minutes long and story is true and touching. The story also speaks of the incredible pollution in the ocean. In fact I read today about problems at Midway.

This is the same island from the Pacific Ocean battle six months after Pearl Harbour. The battle now is not between Japanese warships and American warships. The battle now is for the birdlife. The birds on the island are on a marine expressway of plastic garbage, the adult birds regurgitate the plastic thinking it is fish to the young and the young birds are choking and dying.

Oh sorry, I digress – this youtube is about a whale also a victim of mankind but the plastic is nylon netting. See the story, exult in a real happy ending.

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  1. Greg says:

    Congratulations on hitting a milestone! 101 posts is quite an achievement. I have enjoyed reading & am looking forward to more!


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