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Originally posted on The Life and Times of Nathan Badley…:
(Photo credit: Wikipedia) There are a lot of reasons to love Chinese food. There are very few types of food that offer up dozens of chicken dishes that, in essence,…

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Originally posted on If there is any magic in this world…:
Aren’t you people excited when someone is asking you “hey, how have you been?” Isn’t that the time to show the world how important, how significant, how productive you…

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Originally posted on Tofino Photography:
This village, city?, on Vancouver island must be photographer’s mecca. I certainly think this blogger’s photographs of wildlife, and scenery is wonderful. When I visit and I must now that I have been looking at the photography, I will take … Continue reading

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How I broke my hand in 1974

A very long time ago now, I was in grade 10 and I went to Vancouver Technical High School in East Vancouver, B.C.  Our class had the opportunity to raise money to travel across Canada and visit 3 cities. We … Continue reading

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Feed Me

Poor Simon – He thinks the cat is logical and understands that it is seconds away from being fed. No No No! Cats like some other mammals only understand immediate, I mean INSTANT, results – seconds away is seconds too … Continue reading

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Happy Heart Day!

Time goes by so quickly, I can’t believe ten days since my last post. I went to mall today and saw the people in the card section buying a Valentine Day card for their beloved. I thought to myself, wow … Continue reading

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