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Add or Subtract?

I wonder what it is about  wasting time that to me is scary.  So valuable, yet so easily wasted, so easily slipping through my fingers.  I did an inventory and realized that daily there are some things I want to … Continue reading

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Stop the day, let’s rewind back and start over

Every day I glide out of bed, smile on my face at 5:30 just before the alarm goes off and I feel refreshed, energized and exuberant to face challenges and daily chores. You think I do?  You neither eh?  Everyone … Continue reading

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Four valuable life lessons reinforced by my running shoes

Four Lessons I ascribe to, plus well written! Running is even more fun when you don’t have saber toothed carnivores breathing right behind you.

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Swimming in the Rain, part of life

In my late teens I lived in North Burnaby, BC, and there was an outdoor pool where I went swimming.  It rains year round in Vancouver, not constantly, just year round.  The times I liked to go swimming the best … Continue reading

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If you could read my mind,

Telepathy, sounds pretty cool eh?  Really, really? How much honesty do you think you could take? Remember if you can read their mind, I assume fair play insists they can read yours. Dangerous waters,  and pretty quick we’d give up … Continue reading

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No such animal as the Ideal Husband

There is no such animal as the Ideal Husband but there is a play by the same name penned by Oscar Wilde (OW).  Periodically I like to reread OW plays as they are so clever, insightful and humorous.  I am certain everyone … Continue reading

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