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Don’t Miss the day

Every home should have a batpole to the garage! Instead of checking my email first thing this morning I took the time to examine the horizon, the clouds broken by the lighter blue of sunlight just over the valley side.  … Continue reading

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Curling Day in Canada 2020

Curling has been a part of my life always, there was never a decision to like curling, it has always been a part of my life.  This post today includes some links, including the Scotties, the Briar, Curling Day in … Continue reading

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Libraries have changed, but still Terrific!

Libraries are not the same  from when I was a child, and I think you will be pleased with the changes.  Technology has arrived, and libraries are still so easy to use, easy to join and benefit from – but … Continue reading

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The Things that Money can’t buy

Valentine’s Day is past but here I am, LATE, adding my thoughts – thanks for your patience. 🙂  Valentine’s day for my mind is a cutesy day invented by card companies, florists, and restaurants in the name of romantic love. … Continue reading

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Surprised at the front door

I’m thinking out loud today,  I stood at the front door two days ago, and staring back at me, from my neighbour’s yard was a brown doe, her neck twisted back and staring at me with those big deer eyes, … Continue reading

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Against the odds, time for a trip

A celebration trip with family took place recently, but then I came home and got sick – I have been UP and Down.  My chest has been sounding like a dog’s squeaky toy, but no more fever. Why celebrate? I … Continue reading

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