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Music effects your mood

Music effects my mood!  I remember how when I did step aerobics, how important the music was to wring extra performance out of the class, including the token male (yours truly). I can never really connect with runners though who … Continue reading

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Alison Kraus – When you say Nothing, at all!

I attended a 50th birthday bash yesterday evening.  Doug definitely has a wild side! It was awesome to see him kick of his heels, and be boisterous.  Doug is more than a loyal friend, he is multi-talented, has a wonderful … Continue reading

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12 Things That Movies Have Taught Me About Life…

12 Things That Movies Have Taught Me About Life…. Thanks to Sarah! Sarah may not know where Penticton, BC is but she is a lovely, successful blogger, AND former child actress. I enjoyed reading her blog, and will have to … Continue reading

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No more Mr. Nice Guy

One internet source I read often is called Simple Marriage – the discussions on this site are invariably thought provoking and interesting. The latest discussion is about “Nice Guys” and I suspect while I am not in complete agreement with … Continue reading

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Summerland Ornamental Gardens

Summerland Ornamental Gardens – this link for more information. If you live (or visit) the Penticton/Okanagan area – almost anytime is a nice time to visit the Summerland Ornamental Gardens. These pictures are recent, and as you can see Dave caught … Continue reading

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Learning on the Net – Yoga and Toastmasters !

After only a little bit of searching I found another yoga blog that I liked, and was encouraged by. . A favorite topic of mine is headstands because there is something special about them. I remember learning by flipping my … Continue reading

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