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Cookin wid the Green stuff…..Curry in a hurry!

Originally posted on Currydemonology:
 A lot of what goes on in Indian food is quite complex and sometimes more than a little fiddly, meaning that preparing something tasty and fast is a non starter well that’s what you might think but…

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Thru my eyes – the slower pace is just right

When I bike, or stroll I have an opportunity to easily stop and catch the moment. All these pictures were taken in the last few days, I have been watching for the salmon to return and it was exciting to … Continue reading

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Balloons & Whistles – over 10,000 views! (big grin)

I have been busy with getting a speech ready for tomorrow for Toastmasters, and reading the parallel story of Enders Game. Today I logged in and saw I had over 10,000 views. I am so thankful to the readers, and … Continue reading

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11 moving images from 9/11 submitted by people around the world

reblogging this post because of the images shared which are not too blunt. I always think of this day with a shudder as imagine the people above the flames, or jumping to certain death. My sympathies to the thousands who … Continue reading

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8 Reasons to Love Honolulu

Originally posted on Everywhere Once:
Whenever we’ve asked for advice about where to go in Hawaii, whether for this latest excursion or one twenty years earlier, we invariably hear the same suggestion: skip Honolulu. It’s a place where the conventional…

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