8 Reasons to Love Honolulu

Excellent post, this post has me rethinking my aversion to returning to Honolulu as clearly there is more to be discovered. Nice photos, and written with style, and interesting vocabulary.

Everywhere Once

Honolulu from Diamond Head

Whenever we’ve asked for advice about where to go in Hawaii, whether for this latest excursion or one twenty years earlier, we invariably hear the same suggestion: skip Honolulu. It’s a place where the conventional wisdom has travelers stopping only long enough to catch a connecting flight to some other, presumably better, Hawaiian destination. We’re told Honolulu is too crowded; too touristy; too developed; too this or too that.

That’s too bad. Because what we found in Honolulu is an island city with almost too many great things to count. That won’t stop us from trying, though. We love Honolulu, and here’s our abbreviated list of reasons why you should too.

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2 Responses to 8 Reasons to Love Honolulu

  1. jackkjax007 says:

    I have a friend that is stationed in Hawaii and I want to go really bad. All the pictures she puts on Facebook and snapchat makes me believe it is worth the $1000 airfare.


    • dfolstad58 says:

      If you have a friend to visit then you should go, but don’t stay more than 3 nights with them. They will likely appreciate it if you visit them but also make arrangements to get a hotel, I know my daughter went in November and that seems a good time to go for deals. I remember going when I was in grade 12, and when it rained on the beach you could tell the Canadians because they didn’t hide under the palm trees, they just enjoyed the warm rain.


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