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Diesel – the Cat in the Stacks

What are you reading these days? Who do you recommend to your reader friends?  I enjoy relaxing and reading, and yesterday I continued my exploration of a new author, Miranda James – the author of the Cat in the Stacks … Continue reading

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Take a Risk, Take A Chance, Make a Change

Originally posted on THE VIBE 101:
Every journey starts with one step forward. I’ve been on a hiatus from the blogasphere for good reason. I’ve embarked on a new adventure along the road less travelled. But let’s rewind to the point…

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Don’t try to fix it? But I can fix it!

I really enjoy this video which hits the nail, pardon me,  is right on target on explaining what happens sometimes when guys try to listen. Okay, I don’t have any authority to speak for 2.5 billion guys, I got it. … Continue reading

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Stop making excuses

I think I will read this one over and over. No more excuses for me.

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If you don’t know what to say, talk Food!

People in my observation love to talk about food, even Canadians who seem to love to about the weather.  In a group, a get-together, whatever you call it, food is likely to become the topic people share most easily. My … Continue reading

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Welcome to Gratitude Sundays | The Happsters

Welcome to Gratitude Sundays | The Happsters. Such a simple, effective, and powerful suggestion.  Likely this is the best mood changer I use,  I count my blessings when I begin to have a complaining attitude. Gratitude Everyday!  

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