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Do You Know What Day It Is?

Welcome back to “Life and Random Thinking” ! I say welcome back because I am very grateful to the people who visit my blog on a regular basis and I know my readers have a plethora of choices for the … Continue reading

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Three Random Thoughts #6 – Crayons, Trees, & Moments

Moments Today is Easter Sunday – I send out good wishes to everyone this year. It’s our second year in a row that the pandemic has loomed over Easter, and broke up family traditions because of precautions being taken by … Continue reading

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Tea for 75, Invitation to join us

Hello to my fellow bloggers, and blog readers. It is a gusty cool day in the Okanagan today and on days like this I like a cup of tea in a china mug.  The hot water goes in the cup, … Continue reading

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How to Drive a Business Into the Ground

I went for walk yesterday with a friend and we passed by a coffee shop that has had it’s ups and down in success. My friend casually commented on how the owners could give lessons on ” How to Drive … Continue reading

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If you don’t know what to say, talk Food!

People in my observation love to talk about food, even Canadians who seem to love to about the weather.  In a group, a get-together, whatever you call it, food is likely to become the topic people share most easily. My … Continue reading

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Getting Naked with Strangers (in Korea)

Getting Naked with Strangers (in Korea). One of the benefits of blogging is that you learn about other bloggers, and read their writing. Today I read some posts of this blogger, and varied does not describe it. Check it out, … Continue reading

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