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Akumal Mexico

Akumal is located just one hour and ten minutes south of Cancun on the Mexican Caribbean coastline of the Yucatan peninsula. Akumal has long been a secret getaway, discovered only by those who dared to travel down the coastline in search of … Continue reading

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talk and Talk

It struck me yesterday the difference between how men and women interact. I noticed this playing tennis with some women who needed a 4th person. In between games they interacted discussing clothes, shoes, and what not. When I play tennis … Continue reading

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Easy to cook Thai noodle dish

Dinner tonight: Red-curry-peanut noodles | When you get home, you want something easy but tasty, right? This link provides both. I like this video and recipe because it is EASY, and SIMPLE.  So simple and quick, and not a … Continue reading

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You don’t need lyrics

This is my second blog about Phil Keaggy. This alblum speaks more as you listen more. Some music is like popcorn and it fills you up but gives you nothing. That is not Phil Keaggy. I hope you enjoy this … Continue reading

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Just in Time – Paul McCartney to the rescue for Feb 14

This was the song that played incessantly in the summer of 1976. I remember turning it off by switching radio stations. It’s not Paul McCartney that I objected to, au contraire, I am and was a Wings fan. In fact … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day- Forget fancy but don’t forgo Chocolate.

Valentines Day is nearly here! Fight the panic guys. First ignore media’s sales pitch to buy diamonds – the payments are “forever“. Chocolates are always an excellent choice. Thing of them as a side-dish to the main choice but make … Continue reading

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