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A proud dad thinks back five years ago

My beautiful daughter Mandy has nearly been married five years!  I was reminded today of the fun and laughter at the reception when her husband Tyler and his buddies from school were all lip syncing to the Backstreet Boys.  They … Continue reading

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Driving along singing a song in LA – Buttercup style

Los Angeles (LA) is the city of highways or it seems that way to me. I live in a small city, 7 km (4.3 miles) from the south end to the north end and a beautiful (and different) lake on … Continue reading

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I left the house naked, and survived !

Alright, I exaggerate a tad – writer’s do that. But I did leave the house, and I did leave my smartphone behind. Gadzooks you say! You might imagine yourself in the same situation,  you have left your home, and you … Continue reading

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You Deserve A Time Out – challenge

A Time out sounds like a punishment.  Not at all.  In fact it is an opportunity to reflect, to gain perspective, perhaps take a moment measure where you are and which path to take. Time to uncuff your mind for … Continue reading

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Salad–Hold the Lettuce!

Originally posted on The Sweet and Savory Bite:
You’ve been living a lie. You do not need to put lettuce of any type in your salad! Try this chopped salad for a refreshing change of pace! Ingredients: 1/2 red, orange…

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YOUR JOY!. I love seeing pictures of people jumping for joy.  Happiness that cannot be bottled up, it expresses itself in vertical leaps. Children leap, skip, and splash about in life. May I unbottle my inner child, and laugh, breathe, … Continue reading

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