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Chapter 9 – I Choose Freedom

Welcome to “Life and Random Thinking!” This post is a continuation of the Call Me Skywalker category/series – if you go to the category on the right hand margin of my blog, you find it close to the top– if you go … Continue reading

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In the News; Against All Odds

Last September, after  I restarted dialysis after about 31 years with my kidney transplant from July 1987, I wanted to raise awareness about organ donation.  That lead to my calling the Penticton Western newspaper, and a reporter interviewing me and … Continue reading

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Waiting for another chance for life

What does a transplant mean? Life.  Memories. Stories. Freedom. I’m hoping for another chance for freedom again.  Thanks for watching. Also a big shout out of thank you to everyone today who liked and commented on my blog post. It … Continue reading

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5-10 Minutes A Day For the Fun of it

I was wondering why comedians like Seinfeld are so successful.  I suspect it is because we are a tad jealous of their ability to let loose, to be over the top. Not only does it seem like a good idea, … Continue reading

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I left the house naked, and survived !

Alright, I exaggerate a tad – writer’s do that. But I did leave the house, and I did leave my smartphone behind. Gadzooks you say! You might imagine yourself in the same situation,  you have left your home, and you … Continue reading

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