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You will never say “I Can’t” again once you meet Jen

Have you have met someone so inspiring that you are amazed? You know what I mean, someone who faces obstacles in daily living you can’t imagine, while you are unaware sometimes just blessed it is to have your whole health. … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Jungle… The Amazon Jungle!

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If you are planning your own trip to the Amazon soon, then you should read this. If you are not planning a trip to the Amazon then you should read this because it looks and sounds like a memory, adventure, … Continue reading

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What Sparks your memories?

Our minds are interesting organs. They retain our memories including poems we learned in school, songs we sang along with the radio (wrong lyrics and all).  I will be listening to a song I haven’t heard for decades but my … Continue reading

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10 Things that Traveling has Taught me

10 Things that Traveling has Taught me. I like Janaline’s blog, it is cheerful, well written in her own adventurous first person style, and cool pictures. You will want to read her post above which really apply to life, not … Continue reading

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Are you hiding in plain sight?

During the last few days I have had Robin Williams on my mind. The world now knows he has passed and probably his demise was because of his own choice. Sadly I think he hid his suffering in plain sight, … Continue reading

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It all started on a Saturday, August 6, 1979

In a sense, this is a reblog because I wrote about this dock misadventure before – click here to read the story. My first date with my wife, Susan, was Saturday August 6, 1979.  It has been 35 years and … Continue reading

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