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How do you eat an elephant?

Originally posted on Life and Random Thinking:
No, I’m absolutely not proposing a new kind of Atkins diet where you eat elephants. Yuck! It’s a metaphor for accomplishing a big task. The answer is in small bites(and probably chew thoroughly)…

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Three Little Random Thoughts – #2 Wounded

Welcome back to my blog, and the 2nd post in this new category of “Three Thoughts.” In the last few years I have been referred to something called the “Wound Clinic“. The staff there are amazing at helping people deal … Continue reading

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Three Little Random Thoughts – #1: Ordinary DaZe

Lots of ordinary days lately, and all special. Here in my little town (pueblo – I am studying espanol) named Penticton the season of autumn is doing it’s “thing“. Leaves have fallen, are fallen, and are yet to fall. I … Continue reading

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