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In Two Days – Two Years!

Thank you for visiting today, I am both looking ahead and looking back today. I know I could write much more about this experience♥♥♥ I hope that this post will refresh your own appreciation for the treasure that being alive … Continue reading

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Got to make the Moments Last

Welcome to “Life and Random Thinking“, I’m glad you are visiting. 🙂 David Yesterday I was in a familiar situation, walking slowly up Giant’s Head Mountain, looking forward and not saying much, just taking deep breaths so that I can … Continue reading

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Hummingbirds – Lessons in Flight

The little hummingbird, so tiny and quick.  They pack a lot of beauty into their compact bodies, and I am always excited to see them.  I focus right in because one second they are here – then zip!  Gone ! … Continue reading

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Love You and Leave You

My Mom, Lillian, connected to everyone in her life in different ways. She talked regularly on the phone with her many friends, and her family and her way of ending the call was to say “I’m going to love and … Continue reading

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So many shades of Green

Two decades ago I regularly spent long periods in the hospital, having surgery and moving forward hoping for success. Hoping to return to my own bed in my home, my own life, to working even. No needs to remind a … Continue reading

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My Economics Professor was Wrong

My very first day of University and my class Economics 101 there was a lecture called ” No Such Thing as a Free Lunch“.  I suppose this was  how he started off every semester to the green students, just back … Continue reading

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