Youtube Inspiration or From Russia With Love

I had to share this youtube after I watched it.  Perhaps you are like me and you shy away from youtube videos if they are longer than two minutes, or maybe that is just me?

I have learned that there are some great videos that are worth the extra time, like the one above.

cricket in hammockI have never been to Russia, my dream has never been to win the lottery and visit this part of the planet but these snippets of dashboard camera video were a cold splash of water on my ignorance.

All of these people in these video I believe were helping strangers, getting out of their warm vehicles, doing something with no expectation of payment, perhaps what I was witnessing was “paying it forward” on a massive scale.

This video is inspiring, helping someone out of snowbank or (summer time) buying a coffee for the stranger behind you at the coffee shop, picking up one piece of garbage – what would our world look like if we did one unselfish gift/deed a week ?

It would be like a wave of positive energy, instead of people standing and sitting at a special event, it would be a wave of hope as we all stood and sat doing our small bit.

compassionate understanding

compassionate understanding

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you like this post.

If you did then I succeeded ! 🙂

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