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Thinking Out Loud – What R U Spreading?

Thank you for visiting today “Life and Random Thinking”. I often wake up at four o’clock in the morning and do “random thinking.” I was remembering way back in the early 1980’s when I was doing hemodialysis at Vancouver General … Continue reading

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Jour 9 – Day 9; Tree of Heaven

Happy Easter!  Today is Jour 9 – Day 9 of my blogging assignment to myself. If you want to read the previous posts, and I hope you do, then go to that blogging assignment category on my blog’s right side. … Continue reading

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The Power You Have Now

Words, we use them every day and think nothing of it. But words can have power. They can encourage, educate, support, slash or inspire. If you are like me, you might underestimate the effect that your words have on the people … Continue reading

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Sun does not shine every day..

Perhaps (if you are Trooper fan) you recognize this snippet ” Sun does not shine every day” from Here for a Good Time.   But in actuality the sun does shine every day, really it does. Anytime you go up in … Continue reading

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Stuck on the freeway? Serenade time Buttercup !

I wasn’t “sitting on the dock of bay”, and I wasn’t stuck on a freeway either but I was serenaded by this sweet tune, that reminded me of a viral youtube video. So I checked it out, how many people … Continue reading

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Youtube Inspiration or From Russia With Love

I had to share this youtube after I watched it.  Perhaps you are like me and you shy away from youtube videos if they are longer than two minutes, or maybe that is just me? I have learned that there … Continue reading

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