Special Guest Blog- Debra Purdy Kong

One of the bonuses you don’t expect when you begin blogging is the friends you make. That has certainly been my experience. Today one of my blog friends, Debra Purdy Kong, is my special guest.

She is a fellow Canadian and a published author and I have offered to have her as my guest for two posts, first post today. –

Thank you for taking the time to meet my special guest today.  – David


It’s All About Relationships, Part I

By Debra Purdy Kong

Debra’s Bio:  Debra Purdy Kong’s volunteer experiences, criminology diploma, and various jobs, inspired her to write mysteries set in BC’s Lower Mainland. Her employment as a campus security patrol and communications officer provide the background for her Casey Holland transit security novels.

Photo of Debra Pudy KongAs a self-published mystery author of ten books, it’s become clear to me that the success I’ve enjoyed over the years is largely because of the relationships that have developed along the way.

In fact, relationships might be as important to a writer’s career as talent, tenacity, timing, and luck. The problem is that many of us are introverts who are reluctant to seek help from others.

Any writer who has stared helplessly at a blank computer screen knows that writing is a daunting, solitary blend of doubt, negative self-talk, ideas, inspiration, and plain hard work. To help me through my early writing attempts many years ago, I mustered up the courage to seek out a critique group and when I finally did, my writing improved and lasting friendships formed.

But this was just the beginning of the relationships I needed to forge in my writing life.

In 1994, while my sister battled breast cancer, it became painfully clear just how short life is, and that if you have dreams and goals, do what you can to make them happen.

This is the main reason why I self-published my first mystery novel Taxed to Death in 1995, (now out of print).

It’s also where I discovered that a relationship with an editor is an important step in a writer’s progress. I was very fortunate to have been assigned a wonderful editor for the first four Casey Holland mysteries originally released by TouchWood Editions.

These days, I work with an editor I met several years ago through the critique group, and she’s now edited four more of my books, including my latest release, The Blade Man.

Book Blurb for The Blade Man:

Who is the Blade Man and why has this mysterious loner been attacking Mainland Public Transport bus drivers? And who is trying to burn MPT down? The company’s president suspects an inside job and orders security officer Casey Holland to launch an internal investigation or face termination.

Convinced that she’s being set up to fail, Casey feels the pressure. With her and Lou’s wedding only weeks away, Casey desperately needs answers, but anger at work and on the streets thwart her efforts. Nor do the police welcome her help.

More employees are attacked, and the president forces Casey to take deeper risks. But how much is too much? How far must she go before facing off with him and MPT’s enemies? Find out in this explosive sixth installment of Casey Holland transit mysteries.

The Blade Man, front cover

A large part of a writer’s success is about mutual respect and keeping the communication open. This is equally true for those who are working with an agent and, for self-publishers, a jacket designer. It’s important, therefore, for writers to do some research and take a look at an agent’s or jacket designer’s website. It will certainly help in the decision-making process. 


In Part II, I’ll discuss the importance of continuing to build relationships after a book is published.

Oh, and if you were wondering, my sister fully recovered from her cancer and is still doing well today! – Debra

Click HERE to visit her writing website and learn even more. (David)


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Complicating the situation is the stranger now following Casey, the irritating new tenant living below her, and her estranged mother, Lillian. The search for answers about her father’s past takes Casey to Europe, where she discovers how little she knew about her parents. But revelations only lead to more trouble.

A killer wants the missing three million dollars he’s convinced Casey has, and he won’t stop killing until he gets it.

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The Opposite of Dark, front cover

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17 Responses to Special Guest Blog- Debra Purdy Kong

  1. Sandra J says:

    Very interesting David, I like learning the process of writing books. I never knew how it was done. It takes a team to complete the finished project. So interesting. Thank you.


  2. Thanks for introducing us to Debra! I’m lining her books up in my queue and look forward to reading her mysteries. C

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  3. Thank you so much for hosting me, David. One of the best things about my blogging life is meeting so many great people like you.

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  4. Reblogged this on Mystery Deb and commented:
    I’m delighted to appear on David’s blog, Life and Random Thinking, today. This is the 1st of a two part series about building relationships in a writer’s life. David is a BC blogger I met through the blogging community and I really enjoy his photos and descriptions of life in Penticton, BC.

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  5. Darlene says:

    Thanks for featuring Debra here on your blog. She is great at building relationships and came to my book signing in Coquitlam last year. I agree, blogging is a great way to make new friends.

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  6. Such true words, Debra. I just switched to a new editor, one that is more relationship oriented. It has made such a difference.

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