It’s always Blue Skies

Thank you for visiting my blog “Life and Random Thinking” today.

Today is my 8th post in my Toastmasters challenge to do 8 posts in a month.

Thanks for hanging in there and supporting my writing and especially the encouraging comments and suggestions.

I have a few different ideas to share and hope you will like one or all of them and I am including delicious music for dessert♥ – David

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Today I had another “procedure” as in day-surgery and stitches that will need to be in for three weeks because of the chunk removed. I have recurring struggle with skin cancer due to over thirty years of taking immuno-suppressant drugs so my kidney transplants don’t reject.

I’m happy about it.

The surgeon is always really nice, the day surgery nurse “Tammy” is always sweet and welcomes me by sight. I left the room today after multiple needles to freeze my leg, clothes soaked with blood; but I went home feeling content.

A few years back I took Headspace (a meditation app) and one of the first concepts was that the blue skies are up there, the clouds are temporary but the blue sky isn’t. Which I see and focus on is up to me. Today I admit I was gritting my teeth, and deep breathing but I knew the blue skies were still there.

Blue Sky link here


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I have just started watching a Netflix show called “Navillera“.

The story line is “A 70-year-old with a dream and a 23-year-old with a gift lift each other out of harsh realities and rise to the challenge of becoming ballerinos.”

The average young ballet dancer quits their careers young. The concept of beginning at age 70 is inspiring.

What would I do/try if I didn’t think about my age, weight, blah blah? What could I accomplish?

At one point the “seasoned” 70 year old says “I know I am old and weak. I am willing to be defeated by reality. But I want to at least try.”

That grabbed my ears, my heart and my imagination.

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A few years ago you might recall a bobsled team qualified for the 1988 Winter Olympics. The likelihood seems the same as finding a magic carpet outside my window.

quote from Wikipedia “Their “underdog” status as an unlikely competitor in a cold weather sport represented by a nation with a tropical environment quickly gained them popularity at the Games. They had little experience in the sport and had to appeal to other teams for basic equipment in order to compete; sporting camaraderie across national boundaries followed. In the third out of four runs, they lost control of the sleigh, crashed, and did not officially finish.

I have to imagine they went home with their hearts full that they tried.

Defeated by reality but riding a magic carpet regardless that they gave it their all, and I believe they were happy, joyful, exuberant in that knowledge.

I like this beautiful song and loved the Jamaican beat, lyrics and images from the Jamaican national bobsled movie.

So called “Failures” this team embraced the attempt and were living without regret because of that

My challenge of these 8 posts was to write “compelling” posts.

I don’t know if I did – only you can say if I succeeded.

I hope that every person sees the “blue skies” in their lives, that they are content enough to enjoy what life has given them but optimistic about what the days ahead might bring.

I also want to express sincere thank you to the readers that encourage me to share my thoughts. I am grateful for the friendships I didn’t expect when I started blogging many years ago.

I started blogging as way to continually learn and challenge myself – a goal I embrace for myself and I hope you do also.

I have learned and I have much more to learn and new challenges to try. I will try to embrace the joy of trying and failing as the doorway to achievement. ♥♥ David

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

Henry Ford

About dfolstad58

I live in the South Okanagan. BC. I enjoy reading, exercise, toastmasters. spending time with my son, my daughter, & her husband , and my patient wife. I try to respond personally to every comment on my blog, and in this way I hope to get to know my readers a little bit and and am able to thank readers for their encouragement on what they liked and suggestions on what they would like to see me try in order to improve.
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26 Responses to It’s always Blue Skies

  1. Wynne Leon says:

    Beautiful, David! I love the idea that the blue skies are always there. And the inspiring examples you provide in movies and teams. So fun!

    Congratulations on reaching your goal! Great work!


  2. hang in there David, lots of blue sky to look at!


  3. Jane Fritz says:

    So many lovely and important messages in here, David. Bravo on 8 full and heartfelt posts. Job well done!


  4. Insomnia has me reading this at 2 a.m. This leaped at me (I hope that every person sees the “blue skies” in their lives, that they are content enough to enjoy what life has given them but optimistic about what the days ahead might bring.) Thanks for the reminder to #lookup at the ‘blue skies’ 😊


  5. Darlene says:

    Well done. Your posts are always so uplifting. All the best for a fabulous September.


  6. lghiggins says:

    And I am another “Linda” as you know, just to make it more confusing. I think you have done a superb job meeting your 8 posts goal. Each one has been interesting and inspiring–and we can all use more of that. The timing on this last post is perfect as you had yet another challenge today and completed it. Now you can relax and rest and recuperate from what must have been a difficult and painful day. I’m looking forward to more posts when you have had a chance to catch your breath! Keep looking for those blue skies!


  7. Hi David,
    I love, love, love everything about this post.
    At 56 years old I don’t want to be told that it is too late to learn or start something new. I have been told that about skiing. A good well intended friend said: “now it is the time to be quitting skiing and not starting”. I just laughed it off, and said: “Since when have you known me to follow such rules?”
    The Jamaican bobsled team was the best thing about that Olympic year!
    You have been very compelling, always! The way you embrace life and live up with health struggles and all is so inspiring!
    I love the idea of “blue skies” and will share and use it for life. Such lessons makes a huge difference.
    Thank you for inspiring, teaching, recommending movies and so many other things. Blessings!


  8. I think your posts are always compelling, Dave, and I always learn something. I didn’t know, for instance, of the connection between immuno-suppressors and skin cancer. A sobering thought, but I think your blog title “Blue Skies” is perfect for your post.


  9. debscarey says:

    Oh I love the sound of your blog challenge David, I’m sorry to have missed it while taking my break from blogging. I shall read back as & when I can.

    Love your blue sky analogy. So true & am pleased it’s helped you with troubling days & times. Cool Runnings is such a great feel good film. I’m going to nudge Himself into digging it out of the archives for a viewing 🙂


  10. Pooja G says:

    I’m glad the surgeon and nurse are both nice. That makes a huge difference when undergoing medical procedures. I look forward to watching “Navillera” as well. The plot line sounds really great.


  11. Your perspective always inspires me and especially today. Thanks for the reminder about the blue skies.


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