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Just Standing there – Part 4

These short stories are all located in the Category- Just being creative. You can pick this category by going to the menu on the right. I sincerely hope you read them all and follow along and provide your comments. If … Continue reading

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Burning out his fuse

Anyone who reads my blog knows I love the music of the 70’s.  Ah, the 70’s were the only years for music in my mind and I love going back and revisiting the songs of yesteryear, which in my mind, … Continue reading

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Attitude – it changes perspective

I watched a British movie last night called “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel“[this link is to more quotes from the movie]. I was hoping to see my wife laughing to the point where she gets tears in her eyes. Alas, … Continue reading

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Moving Out!

Do you get a song stuck in your head sometimes? I sure do. I think I had ” Rocket Man” running through my mind for 4 months one year.  The tune by Elton John just touched a chord and then … Continue reading

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Country Music is Jazzy! and a sideway step to the rocky 70’s !

An acquaintance of mine used to complain to me that country music was all about a guy losing his pickup truck and his horse. He knew zippo about country music obviously. Country music covers a spectrum of sounds like no … Continue reading

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