Enquiring minds have the world at their fingers

Front page of The New York Times on Armistice ...

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It amazes me still the amount of information on the internet. All kinds of things, I read my local newspaper, flimsy little rag that it is but it is also on the internet.

It took me two seconds to bring up a Turkish news site, all in English and with color photographs.  I wondered about news in Paris, France – snap snap and there it is.

Of course, there is the ads, yes the bain of our television viewing is also the bain of our internet experience. Thank heavens for the invention of the remote control right guys? We can change channels, mute, or even fast-forward our television programs if we have a PVR.  The ads on the internet are ubiquitous but you can block them out and focus on your real reason for surfing to that site.

We like to complain about the ads but how many of us would like to pay for television, or access to many websites. So the ads are a nuisance most of us have learned to ignore, with zeal.

If you have an enquiring mind, then the Internet lets you have the world at your fingertips, whether you interested locally, nationally, or internationally.

I challenge you to pick a spot somewhere and read their news for awhile, maybe Hawaii, or the Canary Islands. Let your mind travel from the relaxation of your own home.

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