Like Music & Recycling – Mozart from Garbage

English: Paraguay

English: Paraguay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was totally impressed by the music these kids create with recycled materials.

This band is from the country of Paraguay, – just peek your eyes to the right to see where it is in South America.


Ok, you caught me, that isn’t Mozart above, it is Vivaldi, but they play Mozart also –

Link here – for Mozart.

The name of the group is Sounds of the Earth which is a group of young people who are being creative with their time, not only creating beautiful music, but also creating the musical instruments. Wonderful that some people don’t allow money to be a roadblock.

So what is the lesson or inspiration from this for myself.

I am surrounded by blessings and I am reminded to look not under the tree this Christmas but look around me. I have been looking into a charity for children  called Plan Canada is highly supported by the Government of Canada so that private citizens donations are matched by the government having a multiplier effect.

This program allows you to buy a goat, or goats, or a library which has ongoing positive outcomes rather than just a onetime handout to help the children.  Just in time  to make a selfless  gift before the end of the year.


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