Top Ten Ways You KNOW You’re a Texan

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Texas style tacos recipes available here, and provided with the texas amount of wit and charm. Enjoy and surprise your family with breakfast tacos, for extra karma – comment to the blogger how it all turned out!

Texana's Kitchen

So, the top ten ways to know that you are a Texan are thus:

10.  It is February, you’re A/C is running. In fact, you’re A/C runs every day, except for 12 minutes in early January.

9.     You see a snake. Your first thought is whether it would make a better belt or hatband.

8.     The Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival is on your bucket list.

7.     You consider RC Cola and Moon Pie haute cuisine

6.     You plan your wedding for the one weekend toward the end of October between dove season and whitetail season, because you want the groom to be there too.

5.     You have memorized every rule, of every stage of the drought restrictions. You are watering at midnight. You share a beer with your neighbor whilst doing it, because he is also watering his lawn…

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1 Response to Top Ten Ways You KNOW You’re a Texan

  1. I am Texan and I second every one of these 😁👏🏼 True stories all 😂👍


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