Skywalker #3 – A revelation in the rain

my iron horse with lightsLuke aka Skywalker felt content, and wet. The rain, cold and soft, ran down his face and over his chilled face. Not exactly a grin, and not exactly a smile was on his face as he rode his bike along the paved path.

The path was cracked, with moss in the cracks and chunks missing here and there. Luke was soaking up the silence in the off-roadway path and nodded his head at the dog walkers and cyclists he passed.

The laugh lines around his eyes condensed as he realized that this was meditation for him. The misty rain and the cracked pathway seemed perfect to him and to his head space.

Crickets! He skidded to a stop, and rested his rear, which was sore from the bike seat. The crickets music to his ears as dusk approached. The crickets song clear and in harmony to him. The cool air in his lungs like a refreshing drink of water.

He saw her face, Stella, was there in his mind’s eye. (why was it so easy to visualize her face he wondered?

Stella had died months ago, but he remembered her daily still, butย no longer with sadness. It had taken awhile but now he celebrated the memories, tasting them over and over.

The rain, the path, the crickets – he realized somehow that Stella was here and she was saying goodbye, he would feelย her again but time for him to ride forward. Forward march! and his eyes twinkled, yes – onward, it’s time. The rain lightly fell like a cape.

Leaning on his bike, slightly damp – his mind wandered. The brown eyes of the girl at the hardware store invaded. He smiled, onward he would go – Hardware Ho! and he chuckled – Stella – I’m going to buy some lightbulbs, lighten my world with a new love, her name is Alison, and you’d like her, you really would because she’s practical.

The tune of the songย Yesterday by the Beatles filled his mind. ” I believe in yesterday, why she had to go, I don’t know… ” and he sighed.

Settled, relaxed and resolved, Luke straddled his mechanical steed, and pushed for home, the flashing red light on his bike like a beating red heart, steady and bright. Beating strong.

Nature's art


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I live in the South Okanagan. BC. I enjoy reading, exercise, toastmasters. spending time with my son, my daughter, & her husband , and my patient wife. I try to respond personally to every comment on my blog, and in this way I hope to get to know my readers a little bit and and am able to thank readers for their encouragement on what they liked and suggestions on what they would like to see me try in order to improve.
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25 Responses to Skywalker #3 – A revelation in the rain

  1. Do we get another instalment?


  2. Hey…Susie sent me! I enjoyed your visuals. They work well with your posts. Beautiful…

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  3. I love this, I’m going to go back and read more on my lunch break. Stopping by from Susi’s party!

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  4. zacharystockdale says:

    Very thought provoking.

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  5. Really enjoyed this. Revelations, from the most unexpcted things communicate with us. The cracks, the path, the crickets provided, in this case, the layer of understanding that was needed to move on. Great piece of writing.


  6. dfolstad58 says:

    Reblogged this on Life and Random Thinking and commented:

    This is the 3rd chapter of the five, and you can start at the beginning by going to the right margin and finding the Call me Skywalker .

    Your feedback is always requested and appreciated.


  7. I get a sense of exquisite sadness.

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  8. Wow! Well written! Your writing is captivating! I love it!!! Moving on to the other chapter lol!!! ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‚

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