Chapter 5 – Skywalker : My treat

Sophie stepped out of her car and into the light as the cyclist approached, she was striking to see with her military posture, flawless skin and her face and lips just slightly damp from the light misty rain.

The cyclist approached steadily, and his right hand reached for the brake as he saw Sophie standing close to his path. Satisfied it was safe to proceed he started past her silent figure, but then shuddered to a stop when he applied his wet brakes. Twisting his head back at her, he then walked his bike toward her.

Sophie watched him stand up his bike, take off his helmet and run his fingers through his flattened bike-head hair. Luke grinned at her, and his eyes shone.

Standing there along a bike path, in the light rain they looked at each other. Sophie trying to piece what her mother Stella had told her with this soggy cyclist who seemed to be gathering his courage to speak.

Excuse me, not to be weird or anything but I think I know you, not know you exactly but know who you are.

Sophie assumed the wonder woman stance, hands on her hips, her mind slightly stunned- Do you? 

 Is your name Sophie? A friend of mine talked about her daughter Sophie and you look like.. His eyes seemed to be beg her to agree.

Sophie nodded, he was right and her face seemed to lighten up, her brow relaxed and a slight smile surprised herself.

Luke was obviously relieved and his strong arms lifted her off the ground as he hugged her intensely. Faces almost touching, he looked into her eyes grinning with white teeth.  Sophie !, he repeated,

Sophie !  I am so pumped, uh I mean so happy to meet you. I was a friend of your Mom, Stella. I took care of her. I miss her and she loved you so much. She wanted us to be friends.  Can we talk? have coffee?  Can I give you my phone number?  Luke’s words just tumbled out.

This definitely was the Skywalker that her Mom wrote about, he was handsome, energetic and sincere. Sophie hoped she had found someone she could trust.

This time it was Sophie who stepped into  Luke, surprising him with the need and intensity of her hug.It seemed right, and neither of them broke apart. Standing there in the light rain, for the first time in a very long time, both of them breathed deep, slowly and easy.

coffee shopSophie finally pushed him back, smiled – come on Luke, I need to talk to you too, put your bike in the back of my car and let’s go.

 I understand you like coffee.  I know just the place, my treat. 




Down the street,  a man stood in the shade of tree watching their embrace.  He stood completely still, his nostrils slightly flaring, dark eyes hardening.

Then he spun around and climbed into his car. He tapped the wheel lightly, impatiently,  and then he drove away,  his binoculars glistening wetly on the passenger seat.






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  1. dfolstad58 says:

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    LAST chapter! Which did you like the most? Did you read all five Call Me Skywalker? Would you like story to continue? Any comments welcome.

    Look under recent posts along the right side if you missed any previous chapters.

    Most importantly Happy New Year to you, and thanks for following my blog and encouraging me with your messages.


  2. Yesssssssssss!!!!!! They finally meet! Aha! Why have you stopped writing this beautiful story? Please continue I beg of you! PLEASEEEE!!!! 😭😭 lol ok may have over exaggerated there hehe! I would like to know who’s that creepy man in the car! Lol God bless you!!

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