Just Standing There – Part Two

This is part two, see part one by  clicking here. 

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twice as nice

In the movies, couples destined to be together have no obstacles, but real life wasn’t that way, or at least not for Alan and Mary.

After that first glance, Alan stood there in the flickering campfire light, still looking at Mary; the campfire light flickered and her face was lit up, and he thought to himself “She has warm, eyes and a face used to laughing“.  He didn’t want to stare in case she caught him and thought he was some creep, so he deliberately and reluctantly looked away.

Of course, Mary had noticed Alan,  but didn’t know who he was. Not bold enough to approach him, she left the campfire to find one of her girlfriends, and possibly learn more and discreetly.   Alan lost her in the darkness and then had to leave, because he had come with a ride.  He was feeling a little frustrated and helpless.

Mary couldn’t find anyone who knew the stranger (Alan),  and had just worked up the courage to find him and introduce herself and then learned he was gone.  She felt a little frustrated just standing there.

Neither of them knew when their paths would cross again, or if they would.  In the movies the viewer would anticipate their next meeting but for the real Alan and Mary, they had no idea, but neither was there regret. Mostly a sense of wondering, “I wonder if…”

lifesaver candyBut destiny would cause their paths to almost cross two more times in the next seven days.

The first time was on Tuesday. It was hot, so Alan went down to find a breeze on his noon break. Alan was standing along the river the very next day, and Mary zoomed by him sitting in a ski boat just 20 yards away. Alan noticed her big smile, and a white swimsuit.

Alan recognized her, and wanted to wave but realized he was a stranger.  Mary recognized him and even partially raised her arm to wave,  but stopped herself, consoling herself by beaming a big smile at him from under her sunglasses.  Alan was stunned, stunned and pleased but she was gone before he could react.  Mary looked back and wondered again who he was, and this time she wondered if he was taken.

The second time was Friday and Mary was driving, and as usual had just enough time to get to work, maybe.  Alan saw her and he was on the sidewalk, she was waiting for the light to change in the center lane.  Mary was listening to the radio, loudly and singing along with a huge smile.

Alan could see her singing and his face lit up in a grin. He found himself wondering about her voice but already knew he had something in common with her – he sang along with the radio precisely like she did.

Then she was gone and he was stuck just standing there.

sweet 2But now he was smiling, and he was even more a believer. 

Idly, he wondered why he was smiling when he hadn’t even spoken to her yet.

I thought love was only true in fairy tales

Meant for someone else but not for me

Love was out to get me

That’s the way it seemed. _ I’m a Believer (The Monkees)

If you want to jump to part 3 of this story, click here

Thanks to reader encouragement, I’ve added another installment of this story. I hope you like it. 🙂 

Photos are from the internet but I don’t know whom to credit for the Lifesavers, or Kermit ones

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4 Responses to Just Standing There – Part Two

  1. David Davis says:

    Will this be the end? Or will they meet again?


  2. Angie says:

    I’m a believer too!


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