Jour 20 – Day 20; The day Ravi left – Part 2


Welcome ! This is the 3rd installment of an experiment in storytelling and a continuation of Jour 19 – Day 19: The day Ravi left – Part 1.   

In the first post, it was the night before Ravi left home, so we know he moved but I thought it be nice to know what happened the day Ravi left home and conclude Part 1 above.

Before you get too far into the story, you might want to read it from the beginning. The very first post for Ravi is Spread Your Wings.

I hope you will enjoy from the beginning by clicking here.  – David ♥


cherry tree buds

It was a day that began hundreds of miles away.

Hikari, an angel, keeps Ravi from getting lost as he moves from home.

Marie lives in what will be Ravi’s new city and works at a bookstore just three doors down from his new job.

Ravi is starting anew.  Leaving his parents home, and spreading his wings.  He is also leaving behind his broken heart, distancing himself from sadness. He is too young though to not try again to find a girl who will make his heart soar.

Hikari, Marie, and Ravi were all thinking  later that day the exact same thought:

What a day!


Ravi walked down the street, he liked his new boss “Ernie”, and the office was small and everything was new, the job, the city, his home, his life.

If this was a game, he thought, I have completed level 1, and I am beginning level 2. He felt accomplishment and eagerness simultaneously.

What a day!

photo of wooden bookshelves

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Ernie, his new boss, had told him to check into a hotel for a few days while he looked for place to live so he wasn’t worried about tonight.

Actually Ravi hadn’t felt worried, it felt like he was sheltered from worry.  Worry was blocked, as if someone stood in front of him, and the wind of worry bent around him.

As Ravi walked down the street, his head was on a swivel as he absorbed the buildings and businesses. It dawned on him that his car was in front of a bookstore, and it was open.  He felt drawn to go inside and so he listened to that inner voice, pulling on the door handle.

Like all bookstores Ravi had ever been in, he loved the promising atmosphere and this one even more so.  It was quiet and clean smelling inside, and feeling open he smiled warmly at the attractive girl working there and she smiled back.  ♥

(Did Cupid’s arrow just ping?)

Hi, my name is Ravi and I’m new in town… ”


Marie was thinking about what to make for dinner, when the bell on the bookstore door jingled.  Her heart jumped unexpectedly, and, she thought “that’s weird, it’s just the front door.”

But her heart had known in advance.

An hour later, although the bookstore was closed; she and Ravi were still chatting. Anyone who walked in would think they were best friends the way they smiled, and laughed easily with each other.

They were waiting now for someone called Dex to call back. Dex knew lots of people, and not unexpectedly to Marie, Dex knew someone who had a furnished basement suite to rent. It would take a miracle to find someplace to live in just a few hours.

Marie silently hoped Dex didn’t call back too quickly, she wasn’t hungry anymore. That feeling inside wasn’t hunger, she felt delight. ♥

Where would this new friendship lead?

What a day!


Hikari, being an angel, didn’t need to find somewhere to sleep or worry about dinner either.  Angels do get excited and happy though; today he was both.

What a day!

Watching over Ravi today had been so exciting.  He had been feeling prayers for Ravi all day,  and thrilling like watching a puzzle solve itself.

Hikari, as the cold hitchhiker, had enjoyed chatting with the car when  Hikari guided him to his new city.  All the way there they had chatted, and Ravi shared the sandwiches his Mom had forced on him before he left, and even bought Hikari coffee.

It was no coincidence that parking spot being empty in front of the coffee shop. It was no coincidence either that Ravi met Marie.

As the sun sank down and day cooled, there was a lot to be joyful about, including Ravi’s new rental, a furnished basement suite (the retired couple who owned the house liked him immediately), and more importantly Ravi had new two friends, Dex and Marie.

Hikari loved beginnings.


sweet 8

Ravi lay down on the hotel bed, lying on his back he linked his fingers on his chest and smiled.

What a day!


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  1. Southern Patches says:

    I am loving the Ravi story.

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  2. More! I need more! I feel like a child counting down the days to Christmas!

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  3. restlessjo says:

    What a day, indeed! It gave a good beginning to mine 🙂 🙂

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  4. in says:

    Wow! Wish I had a home library like Brenosia had. Great post!


  5. Ohh, this is such a feel-good story. I love it. 😄


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