Three Little Random Thoughts #4 – On The Run – Part 1

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The theme today: On the Run.  As it unfolded, I realized I had more to share than I thought was ideal for my readers, I hope you will enjoy this “Part 1”. 

I will be interested to know if you enjoyed it and what you liked. Nudge Nudge ♥


My first record was “Elvis” and being that my allowance was only 75 cents a week, and my only only income was occasional babysitting, I listened mostly to my parents records the first few years after owning my own turntable.

It was a years before I “car hopped” at White Spot and I could afford favorites; Beatles, Queen, Aerosmith, Three Dog Night and so on.

Fortunately my parents has some remarkable music including Herb Alpert, Kingston Trio, and some awesome instrumental records for movies like :The Good, Bad and the Ugly.

The song following my theme today is “Bad Man’s Blunder” – Kingston Trio. The “Bad Man” is caught at the song beginning while “On The Run.”

(If you love a light happy melody and funny lyrics – enjoy, this is the whipped cream on your hot chocolate!”

When I was arrested, I didn’t have a dime
The sheriff says
Son, you’re ridin’ free this time
Where you’re goin’
You won’t need a cent
‘Cause the great state of Texas
Gonna pay your rent’

Cause where you’re goin’ (I think he means jail)
You won’t need a cent (Well, he knows I’m broke)
‘Cause the great state of Texas (Yippee!)
Gonna pay your rent. (I’m mighty grateful, fellas)

(Click here to listen in a new window)


The story of this couple legendary couple began and ended in the “Great Depression”, but from what my Grandpa told me, there was nothing “great” about it. People faced hard times, even desperate times. Undoubtedly the economic crisis contributed to the outcome of the doomed twosome.

They died while “On The Run.”


The intrepid female of this tale was a real person, and she was born October 1, 1910 in Rowena, Texas and her Daddy died when she was four. I imagine she liked school because she won prizes for spelling and writing. This young woman loved the silver screen and like many other young people she dreamed of being a star herself. In fact the police often found her movie star magazines in the stolen cars they recovered.

It was interesting to me when I discovered her poetry, which was really insightful to her life.

Likely her Mother pushed her to marry and at the age of 16 she was married to a minor thief. Within three years they simply lost track of each other, but her real love was to ahead.

She met her beau in 1932 and they were infamous together, and when you remember one, you remember the other.

They were suited for each other in many ways, her beloved was only 5 foot six inches and 125 pounds. She was a mere four foot ten inches and a slight 85 pounds. Her young man’s nickname was “Bud.” Surprisingly to me, Bud loved to sing and play his guitar as he grew up on the farm. Bud even taught himself to play the saxophone but more people connect him to banks than to music.

That same guitar was left behind in a police shootout, and confiscated by the police. They refused to release the guitar when Clyde’s mother requested it back (on behalf of Clyde/Bud).

I am writing about Bonnie Parker, and Clyde Barrow. They had so much in common; from tough beginnings to their physical injuries that literally caused them to lean on each other.

Bonnie was injured by sprayed battery acid when Clyde crashed their car down an embankment and from then on she hopped or was carried by Clyde. Clyde also limped, but his injury was self-inflicted; he chopped off two toes with an axe to avoid overwhelming physical labour while in prison.

Ironically four days later, the governor in response to pleas from his mother. granted him parole which had the effect of reducing his time in prison (he was just 20 years of age) from 14 years to 18 months.

Those missing toes were a problem for him though, he was an amazing get-away driver, to the frustration of the police, and they would have been surprised he had to drive in stocking feet because of his foot injury.

More in my next installment about Bonnie & Clyde – Next will be the betrayal and the demise of the couple, and I will share poetry written by Bonnie. Those were the depression years and how much they stole, and how violent they were is exaggerated. There wasn’t much money to be had in those times and so they were stealing what was merely grocery money, sometimes as little as $80 and never exceeded $1,500.

Even their violence seems exaggerated as you study them because their “hostages” were usually let go and sometimes even given money to get home and apologize for the inconvenience. I am sure this added to the “Robin Hood” legend and frustated the police as also did the poetry that Bonnie sent to the newspapers to publish. – Surprised? I was also.


At the end of my post today, I just want to leave you with a quote and thank you for your interest. Part 2 will be soon of this post, I hope you enjoyed this one. – David

Take time to pause
We're all so busy we don't make time to enjoy our lives, good company and good food.
John Torode

Enjoy life and try not miss it because you are always “On The Run.”

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10 Responses to Three Little Random Thoughts #4 – On The Run – Part 1

  1. Susie Lindau says:

    Such a crazy story and I thought I knew everything. 🙂


  2. Jane Fritz says:

    Lol, glad that ear worm helped produce such an entertaining post, David! My first record purchase was also Elvis: Blue Suede Shoes. Fascinating story about Bonnie and Clyde. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Music is the touchstone for us all. No matter who you are if you here a certain piece of music it will take you back in time to when you first heard it.


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  5. I remember The Kingston Trio and the soundtrack to Doctor Zhivago in my parents’ small record collection.

    As for Bonnie and Clyde and today’s desperate criminals, I hope there is better, more effective rehabilitation ahead.


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