Three Little Random Thoughts #4 – On the Run: Part 2

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I never planned to have two parts to any posts in this category but there was just so much interesting information in the second thought in the first post that I had to split that “thought “ in two.🌠

This post is actually two Micro thoughts and a Medium Plus Thought. I hope you enjoy reading it.

I recommend you read Part 1 first, and hopefully that will make the post more enjoyable for you as you read the introduction about Bonnie and Clyde.

Part 1 -click HERE 👍👍👍


Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow – the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. I suppose I thought that I already knew quite a bit about them. My opinion about my knowledge changed after I studied a bit more.

What piqued my interest was when I learned Bonnie Parker, while hiding out from the police and while on the run, managed to find the time to write poetry AND send her poetry to the newspapers. I was intrigued, and her is really insightful. The page links in the post are for your use to read her poems yourselves- she was talented. I think because of her poems the public were sympathetic, however the police were incensed.

As I read more and thought about them, it almost seems their lives of crime and ultimate death in a hail of bullets and life of crime was inevitable.

It was a deep economic depression. Bonnie’s father died when she was four, and her mother must have struggled to provide as a single mother. I think that is why Bonnie’s mother encouraged Bonnie into a loveless marriage at age 16. I think it was out of desperation by the mother for both their sakes.

Bonnie dropped out of school at 16 to get married and soon was all alone; she was arrested in a failed robbery and sent to jail.Within three years, Bonnie was completely on her own, her husband just lost contact with her. Bonnie never seemed to miss him. She was struggling for a roof over her head and to feed herself, as were many others.

She turned to crime.

While in jail she spent her time writing poetry in her green notebook including a poem about naive country girl who lures her into crime (while in prison); the full poem – click here The Story of Suicide Sal.

There I fell for “the line” of a “henchman”

A “professional killer” from “Chi”

I couldn’t help loving him madly,

For him even I would die.

One year we were desperately happy

Our “ill gotten gains” we spent free,

I was taught the ways of the “underworld”

Jack was just like a “god” to me.

Clyde also seemed doomed to a life of crime. As I said in part 1, he was not a big man, only 125 pounds and 5 foot 6 inches. Clyde was not a labourer obviously, instead he was musical person and heavy farm labor did not attract him.

Sentenced to 14 years of hard labour in a notoriously harsh prison with work gangs, he was so desperate to avoid work gangs after 18 months, that he took an axe to his own foot to chop off two toes.

In addition Clyde was undoubtedly mentally affected by his time in prison at only 20 years old. There in prison he faced starvation and violent abuse from the guards and humiliating rape from another prisoner, Big Ed. In fear for his life, and as the result of his rage, he cornered Big Ed in a toilet and beat him to death with a lead pipe.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow discovered one another in the midst of poverty, with few skills to earn money and both one-time prison veterans. Both of them set on surviving, and finding in each other an ideal partner. Bonnie in my opinion helped Clyde control his rage again cops and the system that failed to protect him in prison. Clyde protected and cared for the petit Bonnie who was all alone in the world.

Time to wrap up and tell you the end of story: Bonnie and Clyde were betrayed by a member of their gang, Henry.

Henry, negotiated for a pardon from his crimes in return for setting up the arrest of the couple. It wasn’t an arrest though, it was an execution. The police wanted revenge.

The police were tipped that the couple were going to Henry’s father’s farm as the gang routinely visited members of the gang’s extended family.

The police arrived early, and chained Henry’s father to a tree so he wouldn’t tip off Clyde Barrow. Then the police took his truck and positioned on the side of the highway where Clyde would pass and made it look like the truck was broken down.

Speeding down the highway came Bonnie and Clyde but Clyde who liked vehicles and driving recognized the truck and so he stopped to look.

In seconds it was over, and it was merciless. The Texas and Louisiana lawmen opened fire, 150 rounds into the car. Everyone inside was killed instantly.

The leader of the posse still took no chances and crept up to the vehicle and fired additional shots into Bonnie’s body while she was dead, her hand still holding a half-eaten sandwich.

Bonnie was shot 26 times and was just 24 years old May 23, 1934. Clyde was shot 17 times and the “arrest”ended a 21 month crime spree of mainly gas stations and restaurants and 15 banks.

Bonnie’s poem called The Trails End – was prophetic.

SOME day they’ll go down together,

THEY’LL bury them side by side.

TO few it’ll be grief, TO the law a relief

BUT it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.


Two Tiny Thoughts to make the post fit the category. ♥

A large coffee chain, likely one you are familiar with gave me a “snowman cookie.” I innocently took said cookie, and ate it.

The next day I wanted another, and I realized that is how it all starts! The first one is “free” and the next thing they have you hooked, and then they tell you they were seasonal and they are gone.

But “they know a guy” who can hook me up, in fact they have a “drive through” – special snowman cookies, homemade (don’t believe it) Beware the snowman cookies my friends 🙂


I hope you enjoy this quote – see you next post ! – David

You must now lose faith in humanity.

Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. – Mahatma Gandhi

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7 Responses to Three Little Random Thoughts #4 – On the Run: Part 2

  1. usfman says:

    I love the time period that this saga took place amid the desperate times of the depression and the oddly heroic psychological makeup of these two infamous criminals. In fact, the police seem to be the real antagonists in this story,

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  2. Fascinating information on Bonnie and Clyde. I didn’t know their backgrounds. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I love how you told this story with empathy. I skipped your advice about reading part one first, so I’m headed to read it now.


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