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I have come unglued, finally

I suspect that I am not the only one that has spent an abnormal amount of time glued to the spectacle that is the summer olympics. Soccer, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, rugby, diving, plus plus, and now I confess, at last … Continue reading

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Everything is not measured by results

This post is to make you think!  What have you done lately where you weren’t certain you would succeed?  Is there something you would like to try but are holding yourself back?  I think we all do that, so you’re … Continue reading

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Big News for NHL coaches, We can see you!

  I don’t rant often but now the hockey season is over, I will voice my complaint about hockey.   It’s not the players salaries, it’s not the violence, it’s not the season which almost lasts until July. It’s the … Continue reading

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Take your eyes off the goal, enjoy the trip – the detour is worth it!

Each day is an unwritten page. When I woke up this morning, when you woke up this morning, what happened was at least partially unknown.  You may have had the route of your day planned out, but life is going … Continue reading

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