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No more bullying!

I know that today is not pink shirt day, Today is a day that the United Nations organization has decided to promote as ZERO DISCRIMINATION DAY, March 1st that is. This started me thinking about Discrimination which in my mind … Continue reading

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The Song that makes you think about life

The song that makes you think has to be “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell. Most readers probably are unfamiliar with this beautiful, but slightly melancholy song that looks at life from both sides. As you get older you start … Continue reading

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Take 120 Seconds to Unplug

Seize A Moment to be Still Stop reading, planning, doing…. just for two minutes. Seize a Moment and be Still Are you mindful, or mindless of the moments slipping away? Can you taste the food that you are chewing or … Continue reading

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A Quote, some words and a super-awesome musical video

Today I have for my readers, a Buddha quote, a couple pictures, a word or two from me and a talented music video.  I loved this video when I saw it and I think more than two MILLION people have … Continue reading

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Would you like to be free? Would you like to make decisions based on what think would make you happiest? Would you like to quit the club that always considers the worst-case scenario so doesn’t ride the proverbial “roller coaster” … Continue reading

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We shouldn’t be surprised when it happens, we should expect it

A few minutes ago I was relaxing reading another Stuart Woods novel, I’m going through those books like free drinks at an all inclusive resort.  But I digress,  the phone rings and a polite voice asks for me, and once … Continue reading

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