5 foot tall, 100 pounds – Mountain Conqueror

I recently had a discussion with a friend who has set 7 worthwhile goals for themselves.

shaileebasnet.2I confess 7 goals had me thinking and this morning at the auspicious time of 5:30 a.m. I realized it reminded me of Shailee Basnet. (find out more about here by clicking HERE )

I heard this 5 foot tall, 100 pounds young lady at the Vancouver Toastmasters Annual Convention in August, 2017.  The title of her speech was “Together We Reach Higher“.

Now you are wondering the connection between 7 goals and this young speaker. This young woman from very humble beginnings in Nepal has achieved amazing accomplishments she set for herself.

shaileebasnet.1At her young age she has climbed all of the seven summits of each of the seven continents.  (find out more about the Seven Summits by clicking Here)

Moving on from scary cold climbing now she is doing Motivational Speaking especially focused toward women and even doing Stand-Up Comedy in New York. I believe you can find her on Youtube.


Mount Everest Climb

But the thought that I had was that while she had the vision to climb all summits, each of the climbs were individual projects. She would have had to raise money for her team, supplies, travel arrangements, sponsors etc seven separate times although it may have got easier as she became better known.

Each mountain had to be climbed separately, the danger and challenges of each analysed and overcome. Lessons learned and applied and new lessons  added with each mountain goal.

My thoughts as I lay there this morning were big visions and goal setting is fantastic and possible but nothing is achieved all at once.  Climb one mountain at a time, but while climbing that mountain you will learn and it will help your next, and the next.

But first have the vision, plan how you will succeed, and start taking steps.

The  question is really ” Will you be better (closer to your goals) today than you were yesterday? 

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

― J.R.R. TolkienThe Lord of the Rings


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22 Responses to 5 foot tall, 100 pounds – Mountain Conqueror

  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsThis is one of my favourite quotes. This young woman is so amazing – I’m fascinated by her story and look forward to read more about her, thanks for introducing us to her!
    And yes, every goal begins with one tiny step, we have to work each day to accomplish it…

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  2. leggypeggy says:

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsNice to see that Shailee included Kosciuszko in her impressive efforts. It’s a good place to start because it is one of the easier mountains to climb. Australia is an old continent and all our peaks have been worn down to almost nothing.

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    • dfolstad58 says:

      Are continents different ages? I know some islands are relatively young like in the Hawaiian islands. Canada has lots of mountains especially in BC and there are 5 mountain ranges before Alberta.

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  3. Wow! What an inspirational read! Thank you so much for sharing! God bless you! Xx

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  4. Jeff Treadway says:

    Thanks Dave. I like being the friend in your great story. That wss really enjoyable and I will be sharing this with my writing friends
    Have a nice Sunday. I’m looking forward to checking out this ladys story. jeffer

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  5. A great post. Very inspiring, and thanks for sharing.

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  6. Fiery K. says:

    She is so inspiring!

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  7. Fiery K. says:

    Reblogged this on The Spinsta Life and commented:
    So Inspiring! Applicable to Any and All of Us!

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  8. Jane Gealy says:

    Wow, that’s impressive, my partner who is currently climbing Everest has climbed Denali and it is incredibly tough as you don’t have the equivalent of Sherpas to carry your kit. I’ve not heard of this young lady before, so will definitely be doing some more research on her for my future posts.

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