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Ebikes and Random Thoughts on a Thursday

Welcome back to Life and Random Thinking today. Today is my 5th post in my 8 posts before September challenge. The challenge was to do 8 posts in a month (which I could have interpreted as being a 30 day … Continue reading

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Can’t skip practice if I want to win

My son and daughter motivated me to climb Giant’s Head mountain a few weeks ago.  I am glad I did and I have climbed it four more times since then. (To learn more about Giant’s Head Mountain – click HERE) … Continue reading

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Two Thoughts in my head today

Thought #1 – Life seems to be all about change and in my life I have initiated many new interests or employment in September, I guess that is when I am open to new challenges. Do you have a time … Continue reading

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5 foot tall, 100 pounds – Mountain Conqueror

I recently had a discussion with a friend who has set 7 worthwhile goals for themselves. I confess 7 goals had me thinking and this morning at the auspicious time of 5:30 a.m. I realized it reminded me of Shailee … Continue reading

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We all have one, at least

Sunny, but still cool outside because of the time of day, 6:30 a.m., and I was enjoying my plain coffee with a friend whose Starbucks order of double expresso plus plus was just impossible to memorize. I met this friend … Continue reading

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Again, and Again, and Again

Sometimes I read too slow due to distractions and am forced to read over a chapter in a book several times; have you ever done that? You really want to progress when reading a book, the excitement of a book is … Continue reading

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