Sashay on by

I was inspired by another blogger today to post some photos. Thank you

A recent post of his made me chuckle and he posted some pictures from his neighborhood walk, you may want to visit and check it out. It inspired me to share some sunflower pictures as he likes them as I do.

My street has no sidewalks, but it is on a quiet drive in a small city.  Many people walk here for exercise or cycle like I do in the mornings or in the evenings in the summer. Mid day like today you go to a closeby lake (we have two!) as it will be 35 degrees, or 95 Farenheit if you live in the US of A.

As people are out for a walk in this city they are likely to see deer, or quail. If  you walk at dusk or dawn you might spot a skunk, raccoon or even a coyote like I have.  Very rarely will a bear come down into the  city except in spring.

My father recently visited and he especially enjoyed the wildlife. A dozen little quail following their parents, their little feet a blur! Deer sleeping in the backyard were a treat he doesn’t have in his metropolitan city.

Allow me to invite you to take a sashay along my street and take a peek at the  sunflowers my son planted and nurtured, just sashay on  by. 



About dfolstad58

I live in the South Okanagan. BC. I enjoy reading, exercise, toastmasters. spending time with my son, my daughter, & her husband , and my patient wife. I try to respond personally to every comment on my blog, and in this way I hope to get to know my readers a little bit and and am able to thank readers for their encouragement on what they liked and suggestions on what they would like to see me try in order to improve.
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9 Responses to Sashay on by

  1. Awesome photos Dave. I love living in the country too. This morning I saw ten deer on my walk. Maybe because I didn’t have the dog, they were everywhere. Four little fawns too….and everyone said “Awwww.”


  2. dfolstad58 says:

    Yes they are cheerful and more blooming ! The bees love them.


  3. The flowers are beautiful. We’re trying to grow sunflowers in our backyard for the first time. We bought a couple of different species so now we have one yellow one and one purple one. It’s a start 🙂

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  4. Great photos – my home is in the Okanagan, too. 🙂

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