Jour 19 – Day 19: The day Ravi left – Part 1

This story post is a continuation of Jour 18 – Day 18: Spread Your Wings Ravi.  If you missed the first one, pretty please start there to first meet Ravi. – David

In the first post, it was the night before Ravi left home, so we know he moved but I thought it be nice to know what happened the day Ravi left home. 


white and gray sneakers on top of a briefcase

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Hikari on assignment

The angel Hikari watched with curiosity as Ravi loaded his old red car.  It was raining a light drizzle but the house had a carport and Ravi stayed dry as he went back and forth from the car to the house.

Hikari liked watching over Ravi, he was likeable, polite, and kind but he was also young and hadn’t really thought through this move from home.  “That’s what a broken heart does I guess” mused Hikari.

All that fit in the car was clothes Hikari noticed. No iron, no plates, no silverware, just clothes and some things that go in a bathroom like toothbrush, shampoo etc.

Once again Hikari noticed how many things Ravi had decided to “figure out” once he arrived at his new city.  Ravi had a job starting tomorrow, but he had no place to stay, no furniture, no friends or relatives in the new city.

Then it was when Hikari realized he was no longer alone, more angels were arriving. Suddenly they surrounded the house. Wow!

Ravi was leaving and Hikari was not going to be alone watching over Ravi by himself this day.  Hikari knew this was because Ravi had family praying for him.

The day held promise, and Hikari shone.


Mt. Ellinor and Skokomish Mountain Goats-4

Ravi drove down the highway in the drizzling rain, it was cold and it would be colder as he drove east into the mountains.  He smiled, he really didn’t know how long the trip would take and he was counting on highway signs to guide him because he didn’t know the way.  He was excited, hopeful and not worried.  He didn’t think about it much, it was like an adventure to him and he had the courage of the oblivious.

Two or so hours later, his car wipers dancing back and forth,  Ravi’s car tires sang on down the road.   He was glad he had snow tires  as there was frost on the road and the mountains already had snow on the peaks.

Tired of singing with the radio, when Ravi saw a cold wet hitchhiker with his thumb out, he pulled over and picked him up.

Climbing out of the ditch and running along when he saw the car, the hitchhiker looked freezing but excited Ravi stopped for him. The hitchhiker was shivering and Ravi turned the heater on as high as it could go so that the hitchhiker would warm up faster.  The hitchhiker rubbed his hands together and huddled by the hot air vent, he was grateful to warm up. Ravi asked him where he was going. The hitchhiker named Ravi’s city and said that was where he lived.  Ravi relaxed inside, he had found a guide to his new home, he wasn’t going to get lost after all.

Hikari, who was the hitchhiker, sat in the front seat with Ravi, now he could give driving directions, and he felt pleased.  Hikari’s hands and heart warmed up further when Ravi silently thanked heaven for his cold, wet guide.

Four hours and hundreds of miles later, Ravi dropped off the hitchhiker,  and his heart was light. Ravi, his car, his clothes, and his heavenly escort had all arrived. “I made it, I have arrived in my new home city. “That was easy” he chuckled to himself.

The angels watching laughed, if he only knew.

Ravi parked his car, and looked around.  He was surprised, his parking spot was less than 30 feet from his new job. What luck!

He decided he would walk down, find his new job location and meet his new boss before he would look for a place to live, after all he was right here. It was meant to be.


In the bookstore that Ravi had parked his car in front of, Marie watched Ravi as climbed from his car and smiled. Marie absently combed her fingers through her long brown hair as she studied Ravi. She had prayed to make a new friend and then this car parked in front of her store.

He looks nice“, and crossed her fingers, hoping that he was going to come in and she would meet him. ” She sighed, “I guess not“, and she watched him walk up the street.

The angels observed everything.

Ravi still needed a place to live for tonight, and he needed friends.

The day was going fast, it was already 4 o’clock, but the best was yet to come.

photo of vehicle on street while raining

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End of The day Ravi left – Part 1.   See you next time I hope ♥ – David



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23 Responses to Jour 19 – Day 19: The day Ravi left – Part 1

  1. You truly are an amazing story teller! I’m hooked!

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  2. Lael-Heart says:

    Ravi’s optimism and trust is amazing 🙂

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  3. Oh! Looks like I have go back and start reading from the beginning!

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  4. I’m intrigued. I like where this is going. 😄


  5. Sandra J says:

    You have me hooked also. Your writing is wonderful, I did not want to stop reading.


  6. parikhit dutta says:

    There are guiding lights watching over us and protecting us! I cannot wait for the next part

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  8. restlessjo says:

    I am loving this! It’s a beautiful concept 🙂 🙂

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  12. You write well David. Im loving Ravi’s journey. I expect Marie to make a strong appearance.

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