Chapter 7 – Looking out for #1

Thank you for visiting “Life and Random Thinking“. Today I was chatting with a special friend and this short story series came to my mind. I challenged myself to add another chapter, although they aren’t really chapters because they are very short. LOL

This post is a continuation of the Call Me Skywalker category/series – if you go to the category on the right hand margin of my blog, you find it close to the top– if you go there, you can see the list by clicking on that choice.

Click HERE to go to the beginning to meet the characters and the lead up to today.

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If you only read today’s post, not only will you break my heart – but you will miss out on what I think is a sweet albeit sad beginning that evolved into a fun relationship between Sophie and Luke. ♥

A super brief synopsis to today’s post.

The title character is Luke. Luke’s nickname is “Skywalker”. Luke is a nurse and he cared for Stella until she died, they bonded. Stella’s daughter was away and could not be with her Mom when she was dying. Stella wanted her daughter to meet Luke and hoped they would be a couple.

Now Sophie (Stella’s daughter) is Luke’s boyfriend, but it looks like there is danger on the horizon.

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Sophie had spotted someone with binoculars in a car and it looked like they were watching her. When she looked a half hour later, the vehicle was gone but she still felt uneasy. Her work with the navy’s submarines had aspects that were classified.

It always seemed ironic to her that her interest in science had lead her to a field below the water surface when she had never learned to swim despite growing up in Hawaii.

Sophie hoped Luke was going to take a day off soon, he had been working too many days in a row.

As if the phone could read her thoughts, it rang and the call display showed it was Luke.

Sophie, sweetie – remember me?”

Sophie pretended she didn’t recognize the voice ” the voice does sound familiar, maybe if you talk a little more then I will remember your name?”

Luke said ” I know Sophie, I am sorry, I have working a lot. How would you like if I pick up something to eat, and we have dinner and binge some Netflix together? Can I come over?”

I will order the food honey, “, she cooed over the phone, “you just drive yourself safely over here, and we can relax, I can’t wait to see you. Be careful.

It’s a deal“, Luke grinned, “See you in twenty minutes” and he hung up feeling a burst of excitement.

Both in Luke’s car and in Sophie’s apartment the radio played the same song “Looking Out for No.1” by Bachman Turner Overdrive. (lyrics below)

Sophie’s Mom, Stella, used to tell her to remember the advice they give on planes “ Remember to put on your own oxygen mask first, and then take care of your loved ones.” Not exactly what Randy Bachman meant in his song, but a catchy tune regardless.

Sophie knew that Stella would have put the mask on her first though; and Sophie would give her oxygen to Luke – her heart belonged to him.


Every day is an endless train
You got to ride it to the end of the line
Be a trouble shooter, blow the bad luck away
And you will make it to your station on time

And you’ll find out every trick in the book
And that’s there’s only one way to get things done
You’ll find out the only way to the top is looking out for #1
I mean you keep looking out for #1

Every night is a different game
We got to work for our fortune and fame
Success is a ladder, take a step at a time
And the people will remember your name

Yes, I found out all the tricks of the trade
And that’s there’s only one way you’re gonna get things done
I found out the only way to the top is looking out for #1
And that’s me, I’m looking out for #1

Neither of them knew it was an omen.


Photo by Matheus Bertelli on

The two men in the parked car watching Sophie’s apartment were tired and stiff; the one in the driver’s seat stretched and took a sip of coffee. He was watching for Luke, and had been waiting over a week, and was itching to take out his frustration with his fists. His colleague was there to make sure he didn’t, the first message to Sophie via her boyfriend was to be non-violent, or nearly so.


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2 Responses to Chapter 7 – Looking out for #1

  1. Hi David,
    You are are very talented storyteller 🙂
    (I have to go back and read the first chapter again)
    Blessings to you! ♥♥

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  2. Great to see you writing again and continuing the saga of Luke and Sophie. You’ve ended this section on a suspenseful note!

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