Chapter 8 – Cold rain

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In the last chapter we found out two men are watching Sophie’s apartment but they are tired of waiting.


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They had been watching for longer than a week. The two men had been alternating in watching Sophie’s apartment on the watch for Luke. Luke was the Achilles heel according their information, if they have him then Sophie will cooperate in treason.

Time was running out because they wanted to use Luke to coerce Sophie into sharing Navy information about the next voyage of the U.S.S. Nautilus affectionately called Anglefish by her sailors. She was latest, swiftest and most stealthy of all the US navy’s nuclear cruise submarines and Sophie had been an engineer in her engine room.

Simon was one of the men watching and he was about to explode from waiting. He was tired of being cramped in a car.

In the last two weeks when he wasn’t in the car he would go and be at his father’s bedside at his hospice. But he didn’t need to do that anymore. Unfortunately. He hammered the seat with his fist.

He didn’t need to go because he would never see his father again. He would have paid anything to spend another ten minutes with his Dad in that hospice place. He hated this job, the people he worked for. They had stolen time from him, time he could have had with his Dad at the end but the people worked for were ruthless.

He wanted to punch someone and his job was going to give him the opportunity. He felt like his fuse was lit, and it was just a matter of time.

Up above, the curtain in Sophie’s window twitched again. Simon noticed immediately. She was looking out the window steadily now. Was this Luke coming? They knew Luke rode a bike and not much else.

Simon’s partner had left, but would be back soon but Simon could handle one man without help.

In case Luke was coming soon, Simon quickly exited the car and headed for the shadow in the bushes near the entrance of the building. He could see the front entrance from there and yet not be seen by anyone inside.

He stood there silently in the bushes, and the darkness. The rain was cold and ran down his neck. Cold and invisibly down his back, dripping dripping and it suited his mood.

There was an arrival at the building, but it was only delivery of take out food. Simon could hear the girl buzz Sophie’s apartment – she was coming down to get the food and pay at the entrance.

Simon was unsure now. Was Sophie watching for the meal delivery or for Luke? Was this another wasted day? Only 48 hours of time left or the whole deal was off. He clutched his fist and waited, and watched.

Sophie paid, and stood at the entrance for a few minutes and left. She seemed to be peering down the road.

Suddenly from his hiding spot, he spotted a light on the bike path. It had to be him, Luke – his target at last.

Luke rode up to the entrance and dismounted. The rain had energized him along with his excitement of seeing Sophie after all those workshifts at the hospice. He had been there ten days without leaving in order to protect his patients from risk from pandemic exposure.

The rider turned off his bike light, and removed his helmet. He was startled to see a large man appear out of the darkness near the building entrance.

The entrance light shone brightly on Simon’s face as he approached. The bike rider stared at his face.

“Simon?, Is that you?”

Simon paused the fist he had begun to lift from his side.

Why does this man know who I am? he wondered.

“Simon, I am sure it’s you, remember me? Skywalker? Your Dad loved my nickname. I met you while you were visiting your father, Alexander. You were so kind to your Dad, and he died peacefully thanks to you being there. You were an awesome son and helped him pass. You even look like him.”

Luke is Skywalker ! Simon realized. He peered over his shoulder, his partner was not back.

Simon grabbed Luke and dragged him into the bushes, covering his mouth and whispering in his ear “stay here and wait, be quiet.” Then he grabbed Luke’s bike and moved it into hiding also.

Skywalker was too tired and too surprised to protest. Simon returned and whispered to him urgently. “Shhh! Listen ! Listen ! Your girlfriend Sophie is in danger!

Luke/Skywalker nodded his head – What the H double hockey stick is going on?

Simon quickly explained the situation, and why he was there, which was basically to force Sophie to commit treason by assaulting Luke and threatening her they would do more.

Simon couldn’t do it now though. This Skywalker was his father’s nurse. He had given his father pain free days, he had cleaned him up, helped him shower, and made his last days easier, pleasant even. If he hurt Skywalker, he would be betraying his father, and he knew that was something he would not do, could not ever do.

When Simon was not there, he knew Skywalker had been a substitute member of the family. Skywalker held Simon’s father’s hand and listening to Paul McCartney who was his Dad’s favorite musician. Skywalker was a fan also. They even sang Picasso’s Last Words together with a smile.

Simon had to come up with a plan so Sophie and Luke would be hidden for the next 48 hours. But he had only seconds to do so before his partner returned.


The rain comes falling from the sky
To fill the stream that fills the sea
And that’s where life began for you and me

So the next time you see rain it ain’t bad
Don’t complain, it rains for you
The next time you see L.A. rainclouds
Don’t complain, it rains for you and me

Mamunia Mamunia Mamunia
Oh oh oh
Mamunia Mamunia
Oh oh oh oh

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9 Responses to Chapter 8 – Cold rain

  1. Nice turn of events! I liked that you’ve worked the pandemic into the story. Given Luke’s job, it’s totally realistic.


  2. lghiggins says:

    I love this twist–both unexpected and believable!


  3. I popped in at Ch. 8. Fun project!

    Liked by 1 person

    • dfolstad58 says:

      I think the beginning chapters were my better ones, kind of a sweet story but I don’t think I have a book in me. My uncle in Saskatchewan just emailed me – it’s their 4th day in a row with minus 40 C temperatures. Makes me happy with my minus 10. LOL – Best wishes always, David


      • I’ll be making my way through the others. Loved Chapter One. As for our weather, we’ve reached today’s high. 82 F. Hardly a winter wonderland, but cooler temps are in the forecast. 🌞

        Liked by 1 person

      • dfolstad58 says:

        Thanks for checking out some other chapters ♥
        I just had a wonderful adventure. My son lost his phone walking in the snow along the top of the valley. The battery was dead but I traced it so we were in the general area. We had almost given up when a couple came out of the trees. I explained what we were looking for. He walked about 30 feet away and looked down into a funny indent and pulled out my son’s phone. Amazing how angels appear to help us and God cares about even our smallest worries. ♥

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