Random Thinking Wednesday

Thank you for visiting my blog today, I was surprised a whole month had passed since my last post. Funny how life intercedes and despite being retired, each day passes so quickly.

I have some random thoughts to share with you, that I have jotted down but I will limit my thoughts to one today and I look forward to replying to your comments. – David


Photo by Maria Lindsey Content Creator on Pexels.com

Apples. Love them. I even enjoy the Granny Smiths although they are too tart for me to imbibe.

I drive to a fruit stand in Summerland to buy my apples. There are stores in town, of course, where I could buy apples but I want to buy from an orchardist. The drive is 20 or so minute along lakeshore so it is not a hardship. Once there, the orchardist has arranged a room with bags of apples, different types, and all from his orchard. The room smells fresh, clean and the scent is difficult to explain.

There are many varieties of apples, and in Summerland there is a research station that develops more varieties and I love them all.

Since I buy multiple bags at a time, I sometimes don’t eat them fast enough, although I receive a great deal of support in eating them from my family. (thumbs up)

Occasionally an apple will have a spot. I do what most people do, I carve out the spot and enjoy the rest of the apple.

As I did a little apple spot removing the other day, it struck me how important that is in daily life; focus not on the spots but on the best parts of our lives and people


Best wishes to each one of you for your day today – David ♥

A few of my pictures below for you to peruse. I sometimes keep track of my rides and the route I took.

About dfolstad58

I live in the South Okanagan. BC. I enjoy reading, exercise, toastmasters. spending time with my son, my daughter, & her husband , and my patient wife. I try to respond personally to every comment on my blog, and in this way I hope to get to know my readers a little bit and and am able to thank readers for their encouragement on what they liked and suggestions on what they would like to see me try in order to improve.
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16 Responses to Random Thinking Wednesday

  1. here’s a secret for you David…..slice up a granny Smith and dip each slice into maple syrup!
    Joni doesn’t mind spots on her apples!

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    • dfolstad58 says:

      I loved the song, and Joni is Canadian. Inspired by your video link, I read her wikipedia page. She had a hard beginning. I learned she wrote the song “both sides now” – I like that song also.


  2. lghiggins says:

    A lesson from apples–I love it and agree. Let’s focus on the 95% that is good and let the other 5% go. I understand about retirement. You think you are going to have so much time. Then you wonder how you got everything done when you were working! Have a great week!


  3. K.L. Hale says:

    Beautiful photos! I love apples ~particularly Honeycrisp!


    • dfolstad58 says:

      Honeycrisp is a premium apple absolutely and they were sold out when I went last. When my gala apples are gone I will go look for more of those. Thanks for commenting. Much appreciated. – David

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  4. debscarey says:

    I’d not heard the term orchardist before – what a lovely word! It sounds like the perfect place to buy apples from and I’m sat here imagining the aroma from all those ripe apples 🙂 As for cutting out the bad bit and enjoying the rest – a good life lesson right there, thank you.

    I hope you’re doing OK after your treatment and that you’ve been gentle with yourself in recovering.


    • dfolstad58 says:

      Thanks Deb. This area used to be all orchards and now grapes are moving in as wine from the Okanagan valley is so profitable. It is a hard scent to describe being in a closed space with all the different varieties of apples – very nice ! I continue moving forward, siempre contento, with life. The radiation treatments are lessening now as it has been three weeks. But I had to have three minor surgeries this week and now I wait for stitches a few weeks to come out. All for my own benefit I remind myself when they stick me with a needle. – David

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      • debscarey says:

        No wonder you’ve been quiet for a month – you’ve been busy being done to, medically speaking!

        Fortunately I’m over my needle phobia these days, but that’s a good mantra to have when there’s medical stuff to face.


      • dfolstad58 says:

        the radiation and 3 surgeries last week have been a distraction absolutely. In a week I will be stitches free – temporarily I expect. – thanks for being interested and understanding.

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  5. Darlene says:

    I too love apples. And there is so much you can do with them. I love making applesauce and apple cake/pies/crumble etc. You live in the perfect spot for apples. I agree, lets concentrate on the good, not the spots.


    • dfolstad58 says:

      Thanks Darlene. It is surprising how many apples are wasted here. The trees can’t support them all and they cover the ground. I appreciate your comment and I think apple crumble pie and ice cream could be one of all time favorites. – David (now look what I am thinking about! ha ha)


  6. Whenever we go to Penticton, we stop in Keremeos at a fruitstand and buy all sorts of fresh fruits and veggies. It’s something we always look forward to.


  7. pkadams says:

    Living down south , apples must be imported. Most of the ones in the stores here come from Washington. I bet they taste much better fresh from the tree! Love the photos .


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